Chatbot Development Services

We build generative chatbots for various businesses. All of our bots come pre-trained with vertical specific capability. Our Machine Learning models are built to continuously self-train, so our chatbots learn in supervised and unsupervised fashion.

A new era of business communication

Customers are increasingly turning to messaging as their medium of choice. 64% of consumers expect real-time responses and immediacy from organizations. Businesses are turning to chatbots to adapt to this new communication paradigm. Our chatbot development services help you reach your customers where they hang out, through a medium they’re comfortable with.

Already, forward-thinking industries such as retail and finance have caught on. Giants like Walmart and Sephora have adopted chatbots and seen appreciable rise in their traffic and in conversions. Banks like Wells Fargo and American Express have adopted chatbots with great success. Given how automatable and scalable they are, chatbots can be used in almost every industry to bring tangible change.

We leverage years of business experience and Machine Learning capability to bring intelligent chatbots to life.

Industries We Serve

Having built chatbots for diverse functions from Banking to Retail, we’ve seen that some verticals need bots more than others. Some of the industries we’ve built chatbots for have massive scope for widespread chatbot usage.



While the role of chatbots does not include prescriptions or diagnosis, bots can be used to automate a number of actions such as bookings appointments, reporting symptoms and managing prescriptions.



Send customers notifications, help them identify areas where they can save money, provide credit score updates, enable bill payments and more.



Instead of having agents manage every request, chatbots can handle responses at scale. Besides this, our bots are also personal shoppers for customers, with custom behavioral recommendations.



As customer journeys become increasingly omnichannel, marketers are turning to chatbots for answers. Our bots engage with customers throughout their retail journey, improving conversions and retention.

Full-service Chatbot Development

Essentially UI/UX 2.0. Our interfaces will drive conversations by combining Natural Language Interfaces with traditional UI elements like buttons, menus and images. We strive to create as intuitive and simple an experience as possible, so as to replicate the human touch in conversation s as best as possible.

We’ve built bots of our own for internal use and for clients, and we know which permutations of APIs, frameworks and plugins will work best for which use cases. We’ve used multiple tech for queuing, data processing, NLP, and third party integration, and worked with multiple open-source platforms, so we can get you up and running in no time.

We use NLP and NLU to parse languages and identify various categories such as Entities, Intents, Actions and Context around which responses can be framed. We use tech such as, NLTK, CoreNLP and SmoochBlob. Of late, we’ve been focussing on voice to text for chatbots, for the comprehensive chat experience.

We help minimize false positives and false negatives with a pre-processing pipeline to handle common errors with dependency parsing, lemmatization, POS-checking etc. We also improve entity recognition, concept/synonym recognition, etc.

Once preprocessing is done and you have a list of clean sentences with identified intent, the chatbot is ready to deploy. We can do either cloud or on-premise deployment and microservices/REST-based architecture for minimal downtime. Docker for containerization, ECS/Kubernetes for container management.

Our chatbots are easy to deploy, and will integrate with pretty much any existing backend, from legacy systems onwards. Our RESTful APIs ensure hassle-free integration. We also provide an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for integrating with CRMs and other relevant data sources.

Chatbot Use Cases

As chatbot technology matures, bots are becoming increasingly conversational, and better at mimicking human experiences. While our chatbot development services extend to all imaginable scenarios, we’ve noticed a pattern in some of the requests we get. Some of the more popular use cases are:

Customer Service Bot

Across businesses, studies have shown that 70% customer service requests are 100% automatable, and this is what bots are trying to achieve. Unlike other customer bots limited by rigid predefined scripts, we leverage company knowledge bases for customized, contextually-relevant replies to reduce average handle time (AHT) by up to 45%, and increase First Call Resolution (FCR) by upto 50%.

Recruitment Bot

This is one field that sorely needs automation. 43% of candidates never hear back from a company after one touchpoint. Our chatbot developers can help recruiters automate 70-80% of top-of-the-funnel interactions, stay in touch with prospective employees 24/7, maintain a pool of engaged candidates and lower both the cost of hiring and the time to hire.

Personal Assistant Bot

These are most popular in the context of Retail, Finance, Insurance – essentially places where users need customized advice. We use NLU and Machine Learning models to train our bots in delivering highly personalized replies. Users are categorized based on persona, and replies are given based on behavioral parameters such as time on site, spending activity, demographics etc.


70% of customers prefer to reach brands via messaging. Given the popularity of chatbots on various social media and messaging platforms, we’ve invested a lot of effort in learning how to make bots work on channels. Our chatbot developers can help improve brand advocacy and customer retention by deploying chatbots on a number of messengers.


This one’s a no-brainer. With over 900 million users, Facebook is the ideal platform to reach out to customers. We use Facebook’s Messenger Platform 2.2 to build conversational bots for both web and mobile.


Slack is the leading workplace communication and collaboration tool, and businesses are increasingly using Slack channels to build communities and speak to customers. We use the Slack App API to build intelligent bots on Slack.


With over 100 million users and 15 billion messages sent and its added security, Telegram is the platform of choice for payments, making it ideal for Retail and Banking. With the Telegram Bot API, we can have you up and running in no time.


Skype for Business is the leading enterprise messenger – 3 billion minutes daily conversations. Skype doesn’t support chatbots out of the box; we leverage Microsoft’s Unified Communications Web 2.0 and Bot Framework Direct Line APIs to deploy Skype bots.


While Kik get less media coverage than Messenger, it is one of the pioneering chatbot platforms. And with over 300 million registered users, it’s quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. We’ve built several Kik bots with their dev platform.

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