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Usher in a new era of business communication

  • Customers are increasingly turning to messaging as their medium of choice
  • 64% of consumers expect real-time responses and immediacy from organizations
  • Businesses are turning to chatbots to adapt to this new communication paradigm
  • Our chatbot development services help you reach your customers where they hang out, through a medium they’re comfortable with.

Full-service chatbot development

We’ll build a bot for your business from scratch. From designing interfaces to deployment and support, we have you covered.

Conversation Design

Essentially UI/UX 2.0. Our interfaces will drive conversations by combining Natural Language Interfaces with traditional UI elements like buttons, menus and images.

Chatbot Architecture

We’ve built bots of our own for internal use and for clients, and we know which permutations APIs, frameworks and plugins will work best for which use cases.

Natural Language Processing

We use NLP and NLU to parse languages and identify various categories such as Entities, Intents, Actions and Context around which responses can be framed.

Processing Pipeline

We help minimize false positives and false negatives with a pre-processing pipeline to handle common errors with dependency parsing, lemmatization, POS-checking etc.


Cloud or on-premise deployment and microservices/REST-based architecture for minimal downtime. Docker for containerization, ECS/Kubernetes for container management.


Our RESTful APIs ensure hassle-free integration. We also provide an ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) for integrating with CRMs and other relevant data sources.

We put the ‘chat’ in chatbot.

Very often, businesses use ‘chatbots’ that are essentially reporting/display applications wrapped in a messenger. We help businesses build intelligent chatbots that understand context and intent, and mimic human conversations as well as possible using NLP/NLU and Machine Learning models.


Having built chatbots for diverse functions from Banking to Retail, we’ve seen that some verticals need bots more than others. Some of the industries we’ve built chatbots for have massive scope for widespread chatbot usage.

Use Cases

As chatbot technology matures, bots are becoming increasingly conversational, and better at mimicking human experiences. While our chatbot development services extend to all imaginable scenarios, we’ve noticed a pattern in some of the requests we get. Some of the more popular use cases are:


70% of customers prefer to reach brands via messaging. Our chatbot developers can help improve brand advocacy and customer retention through several messengers.


This one’s a no-brainer. With over 900 million users, Facebook is the ideal platform to reach out to customers. We use Facebook’s Messenger Platform 2.2 to build conversational bots for both web and mobile.


Slack is the leading workplace communication and collaboration tool, and businesses are increasingly using Slack channels to build communities and speak to customers. We use the Slack App API to build intelligent bots on Slack.


With over 100 million users and 15 billion messages sent and its added security, Telegram is the platform of choice for payments, making it ideal for Retail and Banking. With the Telegram Bot API, we can have you up and running in no time.


Skype for Business is the leading enterprise messenger - 3 billion minutes daily conversations. Skype doesn’t support chatbots out of the box; we leverage Microsoft’s Unified Communications Web 2.0 and Bot Framework Direct Line APIs to deploy Skype bots.


Having built chatbots for various industries and for some projects of our own, we’ve evaluated tens of chatbot frameworks and platforms. We’ve invested time and effort into learning with frameworks work best for which use cases, and we leverage all of these learnings into continuously improving our chatbot development services. These are just some of the frameworks that we work with.