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Ideas2IT, as an expert .NET development company, utilizes the maximum advantage of the .NET framework to create high-performing web, mobile, and cloud applications. With dynamic nearshore teams and flexible engagement models, we are the best when it comes to offering .NET development services.

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Are you looking for the right team to support your technological needs? Do you want to build high-performance, scalable, and robust enterprise applications? Ideas2IT is one of the trusted .NET development companies with industry-leading, vetted .NET developers for hire. We have been helping our clients around the globe with bespoke .NET solutions that solve complex business problems effectively.

Our goal is to be the best, most experienced, and affordable .NET development services provider for businesses around the globe despite their size and industry. We offer everything from consulting to enterprise-grade applications to .NET developers for hire under one roof. Ideas2IT is everything you need from A to Z when it comes to .NET development.

With decades of experience in .NET development, we effectively utilize multiple libraries and editors to deliver custom software solutions, perform complex integrations and modernize legacy applications. Want to build high-end applications? .NET is your framework, and Ideas2IT is your .NET application development services partner! Reach out to us today. Let’s talk shop.

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.NET Development Services We Offer

.NET Development Services We Offer

Get instant access to senior .NET developers with years of experience from one of the best .NET development companies. Our .NET consulting involves helping you throughout your project from strategy to driving it to completion

Custom .NET Application Development

Our .NET development services involves utilizing the latest languages, frameworks, and platforms to create custom .NET applications and solutions that are scalable, robust, and something that your users would love.

.NET Integrations

Are you looking forward to integrating modern and advanced functions/ platforms into your existing .NET applications? We can create custom integration points or use ready-to-use ESB/iPaaS as per your requirements.

.NET Migration

Be it migration to .NET frameworks or migration of your legacy .NET applications to the cloud, we can get it done. As an expert .NET development company, we have driven multiple migrations for businesses from various industries.

Azure Development

Our team of .NET developers has experience in leveraging Azure services like Azure apps, Blob, Table storage, SQL database, etc., to build multi-tenant, cloud-native .NET solutions that are easy to use and master.

.NET Core Development

As an expert .NET development company, we utilize .NET Core frameworks and other front-end technologies, etc. to create high-performing, cloud-native, web and mobile applications that solve user challenges efficiently.

Xamarin Development

Our team utilizes the cross-platform compatibility of Xamarin to make applications that run seamlessly on iOS, Android, and Windows. This allows for quicker development, less development cost, and the ability to touch a large audience group.

Dedicated .NET Development Team

Outsource your projects and requirements to our team of dedicated .NET developers. We offer a dedicated .NET development team to work for you as per your project needs and requirements.

As a Top .NET Development Company, We Deliver Solutions That Enables Our Client’s Growth. Read Our Client Stories

Improving efficiency and reducing errors by interfacing with a clinical documentation application that hosts multiple hospital information systems

Our team of expert .NET developers built a clinical documentation application for inpatient rehabilitation. The development involves integration with several internal and external applications. As a major feature, our work involved the implementation of Rehabilitation Facility Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI) regulatory changes and APIs to process HL7 messages (ADT) from multiple external applications.

Making access for patients seamless by enhancing the performance of a feature-rich patient portal for a leading US Healthcare Organization

For a leading US Healthcare Organization, we have built a patient portal that enables them to interact with healthcare providers and caregivers effectively. The performance of the portal was enhanced so that patients can access CCD and any healthcare records while remaining HIPAA compliant. This also provides an option for bill payment and chatting with providers and caregivers.

A mobile application for healthcare providers that improves productivity and efficiency by providing remote access to patient information

To make the lives of on-field caregivers and hospice clinicians easier, we have developed a mobile application with our expert team of .NET developers. The app provides access to critical information, and customized care plans so that patients get the care that they require. We have built the app to streamline workflows, standardize clinical processes, and improve coordination to achieve the intended vision.

Popular .NET Framework We Utilize

.NET frameworks known for their extended capabilities and ability to solve complex problems. As one of the trusted .NET development companies, we maximize their utility to build simple .NET applications to complex enterprise-grade solutions. Following are some of the .NET frameworks that we utilize


ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform, open-source framework for building high-performance web applications. It offers a modular and scalable development experience with support for multiple programming languages.


Xamarin is a cross-platform app development framework that allows developers to create native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows using a single codebase. It enables faster development and reduced costs for businesses.

Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform that provides a secure and flexible infrastructure for building and managing applications and services.


ML.NET is a free, open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework that enables developers to build custom ML models using C# or F# without requiring expertise in ML.

Need .NET Developers for Hire? Here Are Our Hiring Models

As a top .NET development company, our goal is to provide top-notch .NET application development services to every business in need. Hence, we have curated different hiring models that would help you hire vetted .NET developers for your budget. 

Fixed Price Model

This model provides you with a dedicated team of .NET developers who work exclusively on your project. You have complete control over the team, their workload, and the project timeline.

Time and Material Model

This model is based on hourly rates and allows you to pay only for the time and resources used to develop your project. You can make changes to the project scope or timeline as needed, and the pricing will adjust accordingly.

Dedicated .NET Team

This model provides a fixed cost for the entire project scope and timeline, and is ideal for projects with clearly defined requirements and a specific budget.

Staff Augmentation

This model allows you to hire .NET developers on a temporary basis to supplement your existing team for a specific project or period of time. You have the flexibility to add or remove developers as needed.

Offshore Development Model

This model provides you with a dedicated offshore development team to work exclusively on your project. This model offers cost savings due to lower labor costs, while maintaining quality and control over the development process.

Hybrid Model

This model combines the benefits of different hiring models to provide a customized solution that meets your specific project needs. For example, you could use the dedicated hiring model for core development work.

Why are we the Best .NET Development Company?

Simplicity is Our Virtue

We strive for simplicity. A simple world is what we strive for. Our team focuses on making complex problems simpler by utilizing our vast experience in .NET development. And that is one of our best virtues.

Quality Is Our Priority

Our team firmly believes that delivering a  high-quality product/ service must be the top priority. Right from project planning to UAT to support, our strategy is to make it right and with top quality. This is our mantra and it works all the time.

Flexibility in Approach

We take up interesting projects on a pricing model that works best in our client’s interests. However, our .NET development services involve offering flexibility-as-a-service and we are ready for any/every challenge thrown at us during and after the project. 

Security Rest Assured

We write cleaner code that is secure. We are a certified Microsoft partner, ISO 27001:2013 certified with many awards such as Top Software development company from Clutch. Everything speaks to the quality and secure nature of our solutions.

What Our Clients Say About .NET Development Services

.NET Development Insights

Identification of fake social profiles by analyzing terabytes of social networking data

Our Solution The client provides a social identifier, a free web identity...

Modelling and visualization of Credit Default and Interest Rate Swaps

Our Solution We extracted, translated and loaded the data from three different...

Generating audience analytics for a multichannel YouTube network

Our Solution We crawled millions of records to fetch data on audience...

.NET Development FAQs

.NET framework is a development framework for creating Windows applications. The framework can be used to develop desktop and web applications, which comes with developer tools, programming languages, and libraries.

However, .NET core is a framework that comes in handy if you are looking forward to building web and mobile apps that are scalable, cloud-native, and runs on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Android, etc.

If your legacy/ cloud application is fulfilling your requirements and is accessible to all your target audience, then there is no need for any migration to .NET core. However, limitations lead to innovation and you need to migrate if you are looking for, 

  • Seamless cross-platform capabilities
  • Effective performance, and the ability to scale up or down based on need. 
  • Microservices architecture and containers for easy maintenance, support, and improvements.

Yes. We have different hiring models built just for your requirements. However, if we have worked on the project from scratch with you, we suggest a retainer to support you on such minor requirements.

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Get Pricing Sent Straight to Your Inbox

Get Instant Pricing Straight to Your Inbox

Let us know what your needs are and get a quote sent straight to your inbox.

Thank you for contacting us

Get Pricing Sent Straight to Your Inbox