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Accelerate Your Career By Attending Tech Meetups

If you're from the tech industry you'll probably know that there is a new javascript framework every 6 months claiming to revolutionize frontend development. Staying relevant in the new age of technological innovations can be difficult. To keep up with these advancements you'll need to spend sufficient time on personal development & self-learning for accelerating your career growth.

One of the most efficient ways to catalyze your personal development is through technical Meetups. Meetups are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, enabling like-minded techies to convene & discuss common interests.

I've attended multiple meetups in the past & what excites me the most is meeting enthusiastic people who have the passion to learn something new outside of what they are currently doing at work to help them get to the next level. If you are wondering what are the benefits of attending a local meetup, if it's worth investing the time then I would like to share 5 solid reasons to attend tech Meetups.

  • Stay on top of the latest technology & trends

Meetups are a great way to stay informed on new languages, frameworks, trends & certifications. You'll gain exposure to disciplines outside your normal quotidian job. You'll hear people presenting talks on projects made with new technologies & its a great way to hear their opinions on why someone should consider writing code with a new piece of tech. You'll typically have to watch multiple online tutorials & peruse multiple blog articles to arrive at the same understanding.

  • Consistency is the key to learning

Meetups are usually hosted by a specific group. Once you attend a meetup you'll automatically find yourself wanting to attend more. And every meetup is different and there is always someone new presenting on a new topic. This diverse learning makes sure that you consistently find new things, improve your knowledge & stay inspired.

  • Accelerate your learning

You'll find industry veterans sharing the mistakes they've made in the past, their experience in scaling technology infrastructures to handle the load, security issues & temporary hacks used. You get everything straight from the horse's mouth. You'll have a chance to get your queries resolved and interact with them to understand their thought processes and mental models.

  • Building a strong professional network

Meetups are a great place to meet new people & network with like-minded people. The next time you face a technical issue or want to start writing code in new tech or understand the tradeoffs of picking a technology you'll exactly know whom to reach out to for suggestions & advice.

If you’re a student, or just getting started in the industry you get to talk with industry veterans & people who are just beginning their careers. You might find your future colleagues or employers through casual conversations. It's a great way to build your personal brand as well.

Presenting talks at tech meetups opens up opportunities for career growth, job proposals, building your public speaking acumen, collaboration & building trust within the community. Give a talk for a forthcoming meetup you'll be surprised to find that people whom you've never met call you by your name!

Free Pizza & Beer!

Free Pizza & Beer!

​Who doesn't like free pizzas? Bigger meetups with event sponsors typically offer free beer & pizzas! Small tip: Eat less and engage more with the community during breaks & be succinct about yourself/your product pitch. Most networking happens during these breaks.

  • Wondering how you can find new meetups?

There are some great event marketplaces like Eventbrite & But you'll typically find other events/meetups apart from technology & you'll have to find the right ones by applying the correct filters. A lot of meetup updates also get shared on local WhatsApp groups created for specific technologies.

Another easy way to identify good meetups to attend would be to subscribe to newsletters that curate the best events around geography.

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