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Carbon - Read all about the Language Positioned to be The Successor of C++

We all know how JavaScript was succeeded by TypeScript. How Objective-C was replaced by Swift, Java by Kotlin, and C by C++. But has C++ gotten a new successor in Carbon? Here are our thoughts. It all started at the CPP North conference in Toronto, Canada. Chandler Carruth, an engineer at Google, introduced Carbon as an "experimental successor" to the aging C++.

Why Carbon?

C++ is difficult to improve and has decades of technical debt in language design. It also inherited the legacy of C. But it is aging, making developers demand a newer language.

Carbon - Current State & Form

Carbon is currently open source, and developers want it to be 'an independent and community-driven project.' So the project will be run on GitHub for now and built on open-source principles, processes, and tools. While Carbon does not inherit the legacies of either C or C++, it has a highly efficient evolution process.

Is Carbon going to succeed C++

C++ has been around since the 1980s and has a large support community. While Carbon is still in its experimental stage. and must be able to address the problems that C++ failed to. Carbon is new. But C++ has been around since the 1980s and has quite a large support community.C++ can directly manipulate the hardware it runs on. As a result, programmers only need to fine-tune their code to overcome hardware limitations. For Positioned as a successor, Carbon must also offer such functionalities. C++ has been used in a variety of applications. On the OS front - both Windows and macOS use C++. Database applications like MySQL and MongoDB were built with C++. TensorFlow is an open-source ML library that was also built with C++. C++ has also been used extensively in developing gaming applications, web browsers (all the major ones - Chrome, Safari, Firefox), and more. Carbon aims to convert the C++ codebases with relative ease. So for a C++ developer, it won't be challenging to learn Carbon. Carbon is also said to have a gentle learning curve.

How is the industry reacting?

"Carbon matches 100% of the performance of C++ and aims to provide a significantly better developer experience," Kaggle master and senior data scientist Mark Tenenholtz stated in his tweet.Are you looking to build a great product or service? Do you foresee technical challenges? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must talk to us. We are a world-class Dot Net Development Company. We take up projects that are in our area of expertise. We know what we are good at and more importantly what we are not. We carefully choose projects where we strongly believe that we can add value. And not just in engineering but also in terms of how well we understand the domain. Book a free consultation with us today. Let's work together.

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