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Kicking 2024 Off With Our Culture-Defining Wealth Sharing Initiative

Today marks a significant milestone for Ideas2IT.

From the very beginning, we’ve been focused on providing passionate tech heads with a space to pursue exciting projects and define the cutting edge of technology day in and out.

Over time, our company grew into a tight-knit community of incredible tech talent that repeatedly wowed clients by going above and beyond what they were asked to.

Why? I put it down to the culture that we’ve been building together - one of inclusivity, constant learning and continuous progression.

However, through all this, we did notice a few standouts: individuals who showcased a founder mindset, steering the community to a shared culture of good values and vesting significant efforts into helping scale Ideas2IT to new heights.

These key community players have demonstrated a level of ownership, responsibility and commitment to the company that we had never dreamt of, helping us build the business every possible way they could.

The way we see it, this is as much our company as it is theirs.

And that’s why we’re pleased to announce an all-new initiative - “The Ownership Sharing Initiative”.

As part of this announcement, we’re giving away 1/3rd of the Ideas2IT business to the individuals who have truly earned their place as equal partners - folks who have been instrumental in building the company with us and shaping the organization and the community to become what it is today.

This is a natural step for us as an organization.

We’ve always prided ourselves in our ability to look after our own, helping employees chart career paths, and ensuring they’re able to grow from fresh-faced interns to confident Directors. 

Our objective has always been to share the wealth that we accumulate with the employees that made it possible - whether it’s by gifting brand new cars to our seasoned employees as a token of our appreciation or with this all-new initiative that sees key players as true partners with a say in the future of the company.

As CEO, I’m pleased to be able to look back and say that this company has grown from its humble beginnings to a dynamic environment where technology is stretched to its limits and brought to the world for positive outcomes. 

The credit for this goes to our incredible leadership and to our passionate community of employees who are always hungry for more.

As we step into 2024, I’m positive that this initiative will be the wind in our sails, driving us to raise our expectations and feverishly chase loftier objectives as a team - both from a business perspective and from a cultural standpoint.

I’m pleased to entrust Ideas2IT to such capable hands and am excited to see what the future holds for us as a company.

Ideas2IT Team

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