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Android Things - Google latest addition to the world of IoT

As a mobile application development company that prides itself in leveraging the latest technology, the latest thing to catch our eye is Android things.If you are a follower of Google, you must have heard about "Brillo" - an operating system of google that has been now redesigned and branded as "Android Things". It is a platform that uses Android software and helps us to make our most loved gadgets talk to each other and allows us to utilize the cloud services to control them remotely.

Some insights on Android things,

1. A major highlight is the seamless integration of Android Things into the Android Ecosystem.2. Brillo was using C++ for development whereas Android things also target java developers.3. It has inbuilt support for Firebase which helps us to integrate it easily with Android Things.4. Google has also added support for Weave, a standalone communication platform that allows devices to connect with Google services.5. Android Thing also has support to push updates which allow developers to update the app seamlessly.6. As of now not all Google APIs for Android are supported.7. It already supports Intel’s Edison, Raspberry Pi 3, and NXP’s Pico out of the box which will give the developers a quick jump start to try building prototypes.

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