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Clutch Recognizes Ideas2IT Technologies as India’s Top Machine Learning Company

AI and Machine Learning have become integral part of any innovation in Technology. AI/ML is rapidly evolving in its capability and with that comes complexity. Not every IT provider can execute these initiatives. Ideas2IT invested early in AI/ML and has consistently delivered innovation projects of high complexity in this area for prestigious companies like Facebook.Founded by an ex-Googler, Ideas2IT started its journey as a high-end product engineering partner for Silicon Valley companies. Ideas2IT works with innovators in companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, Devero , Medtronic Labs, Zynga, Air Asia, and several startups. Based in Nevada, our company offers expertise in Architecture, AI-ML, Cloud Application Development, Data Platforms and Visualization, and the implementation of Snowflake & Salesforce.We are glad to share that Ideas2IT is awarded as India’s leading ML service provider by Clutch, a B2B platform that helps clients and solution providers across the world.Only the highest-performing agencies receive recognition from Clutch, and so, we are genuinely happy for this recognition.

"Be it the dynamic benchmarking of NLP tasks we do for Facebook, or the project where we are helping a healthcare client customize cancer treatment by analyzing genealogy data. Our AI/ML projects are innovation-led and generate a large positive impact. Thanks to for this recognition, it is a good indicator that we are headed in the right direction." — Gayathri Vivekanandan, CEO of Ideas2IT

This milestone wouldn’t have been possible without our clients. As a dedicated team of solution providers, we are touched by their appreciation and support. We would not be here if it weren’t for the opportunities and collaborations entrusted to us by our clients.

India’s Top Machine Learning Company

Aside from our award from Clutch, we are also thrilled to announce that we’ve been recently featured on Visual Objects, a visual portfolio website. Ideas2IT Technologies - The Best Machine Learning and AI Company made it on their list of the top app developers in India.Interested to learn more about our solutions and services? Connect with us and let’s craft an innovative product for your business!

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