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Coronavirus Comes With a Silver Lining

Every challenge comes with its own positive aspects too. While we are aware of the damage that COVID-19 has brought about, it is prudent that we all take a step back and consider the several good changes that have happened in the recent past. As you continue reading this blog, I hope you will agree with us.Change #1: We now immensely value the several things we took for granted. Till the recent lockdown, how many of us have taken the time to value the little things in life? Like taking a stroll, our commutes, a smile from a neighbor we barely recognize, a delicious meal, OUR DAYS AT THE OFFICE, our visits to the beach, our freedom, our very life??? We were all so used to considering these gifts as our birthrights, that we never really realized their worth. Now with a practically indefinite lockdown…we will all see the light, won’t we?

Coronavirus Comes With a Silver Lining

Image Courtesy: www.quora.comBut then I would like you to linger on the question – why do we never count our gifts while we have them?Change #2: The impulsive will now HAVE to calm down. It is not possible to pick a fight with your parents, slam the door on your way out, hop on your bike and spend the night drinking at your friend’s anymore. If you step out unnecessarily, you are asking for the stick. So this lockdown period WILL cool down the hotheaded and we think that is a good thing. The world could do with more calm mature people.Change #3: This is a time when every relationship worth its salt will get stronger. Be it with your family, friends, colleagues or girlfriend/boyfriend. Simply because you are with the people who matter most, and this crisis will help set differences aside and strengthen the bonds. Husbands now have no more excuses to share the load of running the house too! Savvy?

covid-19 relationship with family

Image Courtesy: www.merriam-webster.comChange #4: We are rising up to the occasion, through both hard work and innovation. One real example of this is the front-liners who are managing the societal fabric at this critical juncture. Apart, there are numerous examples of innovation too! Diageo India, a leading alcoholic beverage company is now producing much-needed hand sanitizers. Prada, COS, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga are among the leading fashion brands that have retooled themselves to make masks. Major car firms like General Motors, Ford, and Tesla are looking at ways they can shift to manufacturing ventilators.Change #5: People are using technology to make BETTER use of their time. Unless you are addicted to something counter-productive (soaps, web series, video streaming apps, PUBG, etc.), this is a time you could get very creative about how you use your time. A few tech-passionate colleagues at Ideas2IT - Dot NET Development Company developed a COVID-19 India Live Dashboard. And then we know cooking enthusiasts using YouTube to attempt new recipes at home. Yes,…technology could be put to its best productive uses at this time.Change #6: We are now more conscious of FLU, COUGHS, AND SNEEZES. How many times have we encountered a colleague who’s come to work even though she/he had the flu? Thankfully…Coronavirus has given us the impetus to not tolerate this anymore.Change #7: Millions of people have now taken to wearing masks. We are a country with some 20 Crore (200 Million) Motorcycles and we still have difficulty in enforcing the helmet rule! Now there are RARELY people on the street without a mask. A mask could protect you from airborne infections, pollutants, and more.

covid-19 wearing mask

Image Courtesy: yahoo.comChange #8: People have taken personal hygiene to a whole new level. Check it out – all the neighborhood supermarkets are OUT of handwash liquids and hand sanitizers. And there are people today ACTUALLY asking for products with above 65% alcohol. So much awareness! Unbelievable right?Change #9: Our money-saving habits are going to improve. No going out. No eating out. No Swiggy. No Shopping. No Socializing. No Long Drives. No Coffees. And NOW NO EMIs too, thanks to a new initiative from RBI. This is all going to see us save a lot of money in the coming months and hopefully, the habit will stick.Change #10: Both companies and employees now know – Work From Home WORKS. We wouldn’t be surprised if companies ‘optimized’ working from the office, after this pandemic. For one, Work From Home definitely minimizes traffic on the road. Hey…a ton of SMEs have spent considerable money procuring laptops for their employees. Cutting down on office space helps recover the laptop spends right?

covid-19 WFH

Image Courtesy: www.glassdoor.comChange #11: Nature now has a chance to repair and recover. Pollution alone claimed 1.24 million lives in 2017 in India. But with lesser traffic, the air quality in India’s largest cities are now improving (the Air Quality Index in Delhi and Mumbai have improved to around 90, from the former 150 - 160 reading). In Italy, dolphins and swans have returned to some water bodies. And otters are finally enjoying some free space in Singapore.

covid-19 nature change

Image Courtesy: www.storypick.comChange #12: It’s VISIBLE how the Indian Government and several Corporates are committed to its people. It is heartwarming to see how the Indian Government is taking charge of the bull by its horns. The relatively low COVID-19 India stats speak for themselves. Then you also need to take into account all the government initiatives that have been recently announced. On the corporate front - Tata, Reliance, Kotak Mahindra, Bajaj, Hero Cycles, Paytm, Godrej, and Hindustan Unilever are a few corporate houses that have pledged their funds and support to fight COVID-19.We are optimistic and believe that we will overcome COVID-19. But the larger hope is that we emerge from this as a better race that is both conscious and sensitive. And that we welcome these changes with open arms and keep them that way. Till then...stay home and stay safe.

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