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Empowered Employees – Unveiling the secret sauce to our culture

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According to the business dictionary, CEO is a person whose primary responsibilities include, implementing employee policies, plans and future strategy for the company. If that`s how the definition goes, then our employees of Ideas2IT are all CEOs.

You know why?

Ideas2IT has been built solidly around its core values. People > Process is one of the tenets we strongly believe in. You can find this value oozing down to our culture, which was formed right away from Day 1. The autonomy of our employees has empowered them to make boatload decisions like what project to choose next, to a tittle one like a snack menu.

Are you wondering how that is even possible in a corporate setup?

We made it happen right here at Ideas2IT through our very own employee empowered core committee C2. C2 elongated as Caliber Committee was set by our veteran employees and our CEO. It has around 15 of our key employees from all experience levels inside the company. The main idea behind this committee is Democracy. (Employees represent themselves, take decisions and operationalize it in the best way that works for them)

“Decision for employees taken by employees themselves”

All operational level discussions on employee welfare, office administration, HR policies, and many such functions happens 1st with C2. Post discussion, a decision is collaboratively taken by C2 along with the CEO. This decision sets into action right after the discussion. Aravindh, our latest inclusion to C2 , said “I felt a sense of pride when they included me in C2. But more than that, I am realizing the responsibility and the value it adds to our company’s growth”

“I trust my team, and wisdom of the crowd is always better than the wisdom of one” adds Murali, our CEO.

This culture is what made Ideas2IT an organization that values trust and employee empowerment. And C2, has set the path to future employees that they are here not just code, but also to be a CEO.

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