5 Things you Should know Before Choosing an AdNetwork

5 Things you Should know Before Choosing an AdNetwork

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Have an App with a significant user base? Want to make money by displaying Ads? Confused on which AdNetwork to partner with? Having helped many of our customers choose the right AdNetwork, let us make an attempt to save you from the seas of confusion 🙂

At Ideas2IT, we recently helped one of our clients to pick the right ad network after which the revenue generated by the app increased by about 40% in the first month. We did extensive testing with different networks and finally zeroed in on the couple which has given us this stupendous result.

Crystallizing from this research and experimentation, here are 5 things that can help you choose the right AdNetwork!

#1 – Fill Rate
Higher the fill rates of your AdNetwork, higher the possibilities of consistent revenue. Fill rate is the percentage of available ad slots that are being actively used to display third-party messages. Check the AdNetwork’s fill rate in the geographical region where the majority of your app users are. And also, make sure that the fill rate is not a one-time wonder. The network should have had high fill rates over a period of past several months if not years ( let us not get too greedy 😉 )

#2 – eCPM
‘Which AdNetwork will get me max revenue per click?’ This is dependant on the eCPM (cost per one thousand clicks on the ad). High eCPM guarantees that each click will yield higher revenue, but that alone is not sufficient.  Combine it with the fill rate to estimate the real earnings potential.

#3 – User Experience
If ads annoy your users, you lose the revenue and also have disastrous consequences for your brand image in the long term. The key to success with mobile advertising is to deliver the promotional elements within the flow , allowing users to switch between app content and paid content without any interruption. Make sure that your AdNetwork allows you to exercise control over the type of ads you want to show with the least hassle so any wrongs can be righted before too much of damage is done.

#4 – Technology
The geek in you would want to evaluate the mobile ad network based on its technology. Do they have an SDK? Is the SDK lightweight? Do they have a dashboard with  the earnings and analytics?

#5 – Payment Options
How fast does the AdNetwork pay you? Do they have convenient payment methods so that you don’t even have to lift your little finger to get paid? Make sure that you have the right answers for these questions before you start. After all, it is not just “show me the money” but “show me the money, easy and fast!”

We considered a whole range Ad Platforms before we made our final choice. Google’s Admob leads in terms of market share. We also considered other platforms like InMobi, StartApp, Flurry, Leadbolt, Smaato  etc. Each one comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.  Flurry provides Analytics and Leadbolt provides Video Ads.  Weighing the various factors mentioned above, we chose to go with Admob.

So what is stopping you now? Go on, choose your network and start counting your dollars!


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