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Hello New Office!

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This is a very exciting week for us all! Office moves are always exhilarating, adding new colors and fresh vibes with a tint of chaos and tiring shifts. After almost 7 years at Shenoy Nagar, with three offices it’s time to accept we couldn’t stuff more people in the space.

Started in 2008 by our CEO Murali Vivekanandan, with a team of 6 people in a 3BR residential apartment, we have come a long way for a company of 150 employees working out of a stupendous 13000 sq. ft office space at the Guindy Industrial Estate.

Yes, we are so thrilled and excited to announce we have moved to a new office. This is a 8 storey building with we being on the top!! The most amazing part about the new office beside the spacious cafeteria, beautiful city view, coffee and sandwiches is that we have got an open office space, discussion rooms with video-conferencing facilities and three spacious conference rooms. On top of all, we are located in the bustling city center and in an industrial estate surrounded by some of the big companies having access from all the important modes of transport – Metros, Trains and buses.

Old Office:
While the moving process was all fun, we do miss our old office. Eight years ago, we were not as we are now. It was this place which helped us grow and develop. We all have our fond memories attached to it. As a token of gratitude, here are some of our favorite pictures of our old office and a view of where we are now:
Ideas2IT - Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Best Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Leading Software Development Company

More of our new office pictures:

Ideas2IT - Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Best Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Software Development Company

Ideas2IT - Top Software Development Company


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