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How to Enroll For an iOS Developer Program

Significance:Individuals and companies who intend to develop apps for distribution on the App Store should enroll in the standard iOS Developer Program.

Types of ios developer programs:

  • Individual: For an individual developer who will be creating iOS apps for distribution on the App Store.
  • Company: For a company with a development team who will be creating iOS apps for distribution on the App Store.

Note: D-U-N-S number is required to enroll as a company.

Steps to enroll for an ios developer program:

Step 1:Go to: click “Enroll Now”

Enroll Now - ios app

Step 2:Click Continue

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 3:Select option to “I need to create a new account….” ORSelect “I have an Apple ID…” in case you would like to use an existing Apple ID

AppleID-iOS developer program

Step 4:Choose to sign up as an individual (left side of the screen) or as a company (right side of the screen).Please note Choosing to register as a company will require longer process, also it requires a D-U-N-S number.

Register -iOS developer program

Step 5:Complete the personal profile information, including your Apple ID, Security Information and Personal Information, and click Continue:

Profile Information -iOS developer program

Step 6:To complete the professional profile area choose iOS > Your primary market > Your iOS Application type > The primary category for your Application > How many years on Apple platform (please choose “New”) > Develop on other platform (please choose “No”)

iOS developer program

Step 7:Check the box in order to agree to the Developer Agreement and click “I Agree”.

iOS developer program agreement

Step 8:You should get an email with a code to verify, please enter the code and click “continue”

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 9:Please enter your billing information and click “continue”

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 10:Select iOS Developer Program and click “Continue”

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 11:Review all information and click “Continue”

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 12:Agree to the program license agreement

Continue -iOS developer program

Step 13A:Confirm purchase 1 iOS Developer Program then proceed to checkout.

Continue -iOS developer program

ORStep 13B:In case Apple online store in unavailable in your country complete and fax the purchases form

iOS developer program
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