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How We do Sales Minus the Sales Efforts

As my fellow Ideators celebrate in the background (on our Google Meet screens of course!), I am very happy to announce that we have won a project from one of the world’s largest Media & Finance corporations in the world. Conventional thinking is that winning an enterprise client involves a long sales cycle, a lot of wining and dining and account mining. So how did we, a seemingly obscure 500-odd people company, win a project from this large, super colossal, gargantuan giant of a company with zero sales effort? Would you believe it if I told you this was because of the technical depth, displayed by one of our Ideators? Read on to know our grand story.

The story behind this mega win

Ideas2IT exists to bridge the gap between business thinking and tech-product development. Given our mission to develop products that challenge the status quo, our Ideators are people who are handpicked for their passion for technology, eagerness to upskill, and creativity. Over 80% of our developers are multi-skilled across various practices like Frontend, Backend, Cloud, DevOps, and even Data Engineering. One of our teams was working on a project for Facebook. Over the course of this assignment, their technical depth was recognized by an appreciative Senior Techie from another company. And then magic happened - Abracadabra. This Senior Techie referred us to his head, who then got in touch with us to award a project. A hot lead came in not through the conventional marketing and sales channels, but through one of our Product Engineering teams. This becomes yet another sunny example of our Inside-Out Business Approach.

So what is the Inside-Out Business Approach

This approach starts with what one first possesses, before looking at anything else. It raises questions such as what the organization has in terms of core competencies, talent, resources, customer relationships and (distribution) networks and how these could be leveraged. This approach works best when an organization has a clear vision of WHY it does WHAT it does, and sticks close to what it does best. Apple and Google are fantastic examples of organizations that follow the Inside-Out Business Approach. The former has millions of people waiting for hours in the cold to buy a phone, while the latter has single-handedly changed our lives more than any other company on the planet.

Inside-Out Approach and Ideas2IT: A hand and glove fit

The year was 2008. Driven by his passion for CTO Consulting, Murali Vivekanandan quit his job in Google and began helping a few entrepreneurs develop their products. It was then that he realized the several shortcomings of the IT Services industry. On one end were the MNCs that were too large and slow for innovation. On the other end were companies that functioned more like glorified staffing companies. Both of them could not handhold a non-tech entrepreneur, understand the problem she/he was trying to solve, scope out the project, arrive at a suitable product architecture, decide on the tech stacks, and conscientiously engineer it for quality.To bridge this gap between business thinking and product development, Murali founded Ideas2IT in 2009. Now the challenge was to find developers who would live up to the company’s sole purpose of existence. In the process of hiring his first set of developers, he realized that gaps in technical skills could always be abridged. But a misfit in the team could become its nemesis. So Murali paid a premium to attitude and smartness, rather than technical skill sets. He personally handpicked six budding technologists. And delivered a project for Microsoft with this team! The team grew, but the recruitment criteria remained the same. Applicant’s technical skill sets still didn’t matter. They had to be innately smart, have a beautiful mind for logic, and a mad keenness to learn. This was the bedrock on which Ideas2IT’s work culture was born. It would become the place where developers could work on niche projects by leveraging bleeding-edge emerging technology. And stay up to date on the tech stacks. Ideators could even take time off projects to learn or develop something they loved. Or share ideas and co-spin them into product companies. Ideas2IT was to become the Mecca for Tech Enthusiasts.

Cut to Present Day

The years have passed. Ideas2IT has grown steadily. It has shipped projects for clients like Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, Zynga, Air Asia, and more. Murali has also co-founded several companies like IdeaRX, IdeaMed, PipeCandy, element5, and NurtureBox. While he has delegated a lot of companies’ functions to others, he keeps Recruitment and Talent Management of these companies in close quarters. This is his discreet sauce for the 50% CAGR recorded for several simultaneous years now.If you are a CTO, CIO, Product Owner, Head of Engineering, Manager of Innovations and the like, this is the promise we would like to leave you with.

And if you are a Developer, this is what you should know.

  • Our clients are organizations looking for an environment to catalyze innovation. And we offer them precisely that. That is why our projects are typically innovation-led.
  • We value attitude over everything else. So no matter what your technical capabilities, we will help you upskill on the latest technologies and tech stacks.
  • Over 70% of our developers have cross-practice exposure. Which means you could be a Frontend Engineer when you join us. But you will have tons of opportunities to learn other practices like Backend, Cloud, DevOps, Data Engineering, and more.
  • We are most happy when you leverage our work culture to unlock exponential growth that is not bridled by artificial parameters like number of years of experience.
  • Watch a few of our Ideators’ testimonials.
  • Ramanavel Selvaraju, Senior Solution Architect at Ideas2IT
  • Prasath P, Associate Director - Technology at Ideas2IT

Are you looking to build a great product or service? Do you foresee technical challenges? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must talk to us. We are a world-class custom .NET development company. We take up projects that are in our area of expertise. We know what we are good at and more importantly what we are not. We carefully choose projects where we strongly believe that we can add value. And not just in engineering but also in terms of how well we understand the domain. Book a free consultation with us today. Let’s work together.

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