Ideas2IT awards 100 cars to 100 employees through its wealth sharing initiative - Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT awards 100 cars to 100 employees through its wealth sharing initiative

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The software industry is currently witnessing its biggest demand for talent ever. IT companies are all in the battle to attract and retain top-quality talent. Companies are reacting now by waging a salary war and still struggling. But the companies that have taken care of their people from the start are the ones winning this battle.  

A case in point is Ideas2IT – one of those companies that have no issues with attracting and retaining talent. They accomplished this by holistically taking care of employees from Day 1. They provided an environment of trust, empowerment, opportunities, and many initiatives that address the needs of employees. Today, the employees reciprocate and help the company achieve high levels of growth. Considering this steady growth streak enabled by its employees, Ideas2IT has implemented a wealth-sharing initiative. As a first step, Ideas2IT will award a 100 cars to a 100 of its people. The company’s top executives have confirmed that this is just the beginning. It plans to roll out more initiatives like this in the future. 

In the last 4 years, Ideas2IT has seen a 50% YoY revenue growth and a 33% YoY increase in employee strength. Just to illustrate its growth, in 2020, the company operated out of 2 floors in a shared commercial building. Today (11th April 2022), Ideas2IT has inaugurated its brand new and premium office in Olympia Square, Chennai, where Ideas2IT will occupy all 9 floors.   

“Ideas2IT’s growth and success stems from the team punching well above their weight. It is only natural that they reap the rewards too,” said Gayathri Vivekanandan, CEO of Ideas2IT. On the other hand, Arun Ganesan, Director at Ideas2IT was happy to note that this is the first time an Indian IT company is awarding a 100 cars to its employees. 

About Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT Technology Services was incorporated in 2009, with only 6 handpicked engineers. Today the company employs about 600 super talented technologists. Ideas2IT’s software engineers leverage emerging technologies in AI-ML, NFT, Web3, Cloud, Blockchain, IIoT, etc. to deliver innovation-led projects to Fortune companies like Facebook, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Oracle, Motorola, Roche, Medtronic, and more. Know more about Ideas2IT at

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