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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a massive, complicated area of innovation. You could understand, then, that the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a goliath project. Our powerful Factory.360 platform predicts breakdowns, gains insight into quality, and decreases costs and risks.The platform performs multi-segmented analysis on the collected pool of machine, enterprise, and factory floor data to achieve multi-dimensional insights. These capabilities increase manufacturing companies’ ROI. We also have a pre-built blockchain development framework, so that we can bring enterprise-level solutions to numerous businesses. Our world-class experts crave opportunities like IIoT, blockchain, and the myriad other services and developments we offer.We gauge our success based on client feedback and testimony. As a result, we are inclined to look favorably upon our past work, looking towards the future with confidence. The B2B ratings and reviews site, Clutch, in a similar vein, judges companies based on client testimony through Clutch interviews, representative case studies, and rigorous quantitative data. In short, the agency arms companies with business insights that ultimately increase efficiency and transparency.Clutch recently named Ideas2IT a top B2B service provider in India, particularly for our work concerning the Internet of Things! This distinction carries an immense amount of pride and praise, revealing that our work is truly exceptional, especially compared to Internet of Things companies in India. Our clients also deserve major recognition for their excellent collaboration.The clients Clutch talk to gave excellently candid and celebratory feedback. Their honest and revealing commentary helped Clutch analyze Ideas2IT Technologies and ultimately promote our efforts. Vivek Jayan, founder of IdeaLyst Inc, experienced a greater interaction with Ideas2IT than any other similar company:“I appreciated the fact that Ideas2IT was able to compartmentalize functionality, allowing us to leverage the lean startup methodology. I never found this with the other team we used.” It is not uncommon for our clients to feel like working with us is the first time they have encountered genuinely excellent service.The founder and CEO of an exercise startup had a similar relationship with Ideas2IT:“The team anticipates potential problems in advance, and they help me think through strategic questions. It’s like having a CTO! I’ve worked with many consulting shops and Ideas2IT is easily the best experience I’ve had in over a decade.” While we could be compared to bringing on another executive, like a CTO, in fact, our added-advantage comes from the ability to leverage a dynamic team of experts with access to world class technology.As an additional compliment, Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, which compiles lists of high-performing businesses, also recognized our abilities and experience, ranking us as a top mobile app development company in India.Since 2008, we have worked with massive firms like Microsoft and Ericsson to accomplish great feats and technological wonders. We succeeded in increasing their bottom line and efficiency. We have wide-ranging and grounded experience in e-commerce, BPM, custom CRM, and several other services. Our work experience spans the globe and all company sizes--we are ready for any project. What is more, now with additional client reviews from Clutch, we will only be able to further refine our understanding of work and collaboration.

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