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Insights To Go – Mobile BI for Enterprise

Rapid fire visual analytics to better understand and explore your data using Tableau.Data Visualisation using TableauWe analyse and visualise your large and complex data into dashboards and reports using Tableau. We have helped our clients improve their ability to innovate, measure, analyse and optimise business performance across their enterprise. With Tableau we unlock the power of your data.Data ServicesGreat visualisation needs great data! We provide data solutions that address issues of data quality, accessibility and usability. We transform our client’s raw data into powerful “insights to go” with our data modelling using Talend and other such ETL tools. We expertise in Big Data Analysis and Data Mining.Tableau TrainingTableau Software lets you graphically analyse virtually any structured data to produce beautiful charts, graphs, dashboards and reports within minutes. Our training and mentoring services are based on your business and data needs and aimed at improving user performance and skills.Ideas2ITAre you looking to build a great product or service? Do you foresee technical challenges? If you answered yes to the above questions, then you must talk to us. We are a world-class custom .NET development company. We take up projects that are in our area of expertise. We know what we are good at and more importantly what we are not. We carefully choose projects where we strongly believe that we can add value. And not just in engineering but also in terms of how well we understand the domain. Book a free consultation with us today. Let’s work together.

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