Leveraging MuleSoft ESB for Healthcare & eCommerce Integration

How we at Ideas2IT leveraged MuleSoft ESB for Integration Projects in Healthcare and eCommerce

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After being acquired by Salesforce in 2018, MuleSoft released a slew of ‘no-code’ tools powered by Salesforce’s Einstein AI. Apart from offering data-mapping recommendations to non-IT users, MuleSoft now removes the complex process of managing servers, logs and infrastructure. At the same time, IT teams can still monitor, govern and secure APIs via the Anypoint platform. Mulesoft also comes with pre-built integration templates called Accelerators.

We have deployed MuleSoft in several projects recently. Here is a summary of them.

MuleSoft Case Study for Healthcare

Mulesoft case study for Healthcare
How we implemented a global integration platform for Dr. Agarwal’s HIS / EMR / ERP landscape
Dr. Agarwal’s is a global player in eye care with 90+ hospitals spread across 11 countries and serves millions of patients across the globe. Dr. Agarwal’s required a holistic integration platform that could connect various enterprise systems across its IT landscape, catering to HIS, EMR, Procurement, Financials and more. We chose Mulesoft for its robust architecture and support for multiple protocols and integration to Spring framework. Click here to know more.

MuleSoft Case Study for eCommerce

mulesoft case study for eCommerce
How we Enriched an AI-powered Conversational Commerce Chatbot by integrating a myriad of applications and Knowledge Bases
An eCommerce customer wanted to build an AI-based conversational chatbot platform that can intelligently and contextually engage customers and convert them to buyers. The chatbot was mandated to know everything about the customer like her/his preferences, buying history, price sensitivity and more. It was also expected to have deep knowledge of products and possess cross-sell/upsell intelligence. To achieve the necessary integrations, we used the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. Click here to know more.

MuleSoft Case Study for MedTech Company

healthcare case study for medtech
How we Integrated Patient Data from heterogeneous EMR systems to a HIPAA-compliant Cloud Data Warehouse
The client is a global MedTech company. As part of its lab’s initiative, the firm runs a global program to expand healthcare access to financially underprivileged patients and treat their non-communicable diseases (NCD). The program leverages several government hospital systems to reach patients. So the client had to integrate with a wide range of EMR systems run by government agencies to import patient data on to its Cloud platform. We put together a cross-functional team of Data Architects, Data Engineers, Mule Integration Engineers and DevOps Specialists to design and develop an end-to-end HIPAA-compliant Cloud Data Warehouse, with integration capability to collect data from multiple EMR systems. We leveraged MuleSoft’s Anypoint Connectors to achieve the integration in this project. Click here to know more.

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