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A New Partnership To Drive Innovation In The Finance and Insurance Verticals

At Ideas2IT, we’re always looking for the next big tech, the use cases that best lend themselves to disruption, and the best verticals to drive innovation in. To that end, we’re glad to announce a new strategic partnership to bring innovation to the insurance industry.We’re partnering with Zayda Marrie of Capstone Consultants. Zayda is a global insurance expert, advisor, and strategist, with over 20 years in the Insurance industry (Life, Annuities, Voluntary Benefits and P&C). She’s passionate about injecting innovation into the insurance sector, and was the Global Chief Marketing Officer for AIG’s P&C Personal Lines division and a Strategy & Marketing Officer at MetLife.In the last few years, we at Ideas2IT have been building deep capability in AI and ML to help businesses across various industries optimize revenue, maximize efficiency, and in general become as data-driven about their operations as possible. It’s time to bring our learnings to the insurance vertical.Insurers are competing for new digital-native customers. To do so, they have to disrupt the status quo with new digital businesses that reinvent conventional insurance offerings. Digital innovation is key to winning customers and creating new revenue streams, and we’re confident we’ve found the perfect partner to drive innovation. Zayda has led teams responsible for product development, sales enablement, marketing and communications, growth strategy and is experienced in leading digital transformation for large complex and matrix organizations. She is credited for developing over 20 new product solutions with $5 Billion in revenue potential, delivering $2 billion in a new business acquisition, and knows how to grow globally with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C channels.We’re looking forward to helping insurers transform their businesses. Stay tuned for updates!

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