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Publish App to the Android Market

IntroductionThis document explains the various steps involved in the distribution of an Android app. Once you developed and fully tested your Android Application, you can start selling or distributing free using Google Play (A famous Android marketplace).You can also release your applications by sending them directly to users or by letting users download them from your own websiteDistributing the app to a limited set of usersBefore publishing an app to the android market, the application has to be thoroughly tested in all the mobiles, tablets and phablets. To provide an apk to the Qualilty Analyst team please follow the below steps, and once the apk is generated you can distribute it to the testers.Publishing an App to the Android Market1.1 Export Android ApplicationYou will need to export your application as an APK (Android Package) file before you upload it Google Play marketplace.To export an application, just open that application project and select File->Export from your IDE and follow the simple steps to export your application.Next select, Export Android Application option and then click Next so that you get following screen where you will choose Create new keystore to store your application.

Publish App to the Android Market

Once you filled up all the information, click Next button and finally it will ask you a location where Application will be exported.1.2 Becoming a market publisher – RegistrationIn this section we’re going to examine the final steps of registering at the Android market and the process uploading our application.

  • Register as a publisher and setup our profile.
  • Read and agree to the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement.
  • Pay a registration fee of $25 USD via Google Checkout.

To publish applications on the Android Market, you must be a registered developer.Head over to sign in with your Google account. Next, fill out all the required information along with your real phone number, which Google will use to contact you in the event of an emergency or a problem with any of your Android applications.

Publish App to the Android Market

Click the Google Checkout button and pay the one-time registration fee and you’re done.1.3 Uploading a signed APKWith your signed APK in hand, head over to the Android Market publisher site. Now find the Upload Application button. You’ll be presented with a dialog to upload a new APK. Choose prepared APK to upload

Uploading a signed APK - Ideas2IT

1.4 Uploading Marketing MediaAndroid Market listings can use several images to display the app to users. These images are the first, users will see. Well designed and created images will lead to more downloads.The Android Market requires a high-resolution version of the application icon. This is simply a 512×512 pixel version of the app launcher icon.The Android Market can link to a YouTube video demonstrating your application.[Optional]1.5 Adding Listing Details and CopyListing details can be provided in multiple languages. you’ll need to fill out the app Title, in 30 characters or less, and the app description, in 4,000 characters or less.

Adding Listing Details and Copy - Ideas2IT

Finally, set your application type to either Application (everything but games) or Games (for, well, games).1.6 Setting Publishing OptionsThis section is about content protection, app availability to various age groups and countries, and pricing options. To start, don’t use the copy protection feature. It’s weak and is deprecated. Use the licensing service

Setting Publishing Options - Ideas2IT

For pricing, either choose free (a permanent option — free cannot become paid later without a new listing) or choose a price. Then choose which countries it should be available in and what price in each supported country.1.7 Contact Information and ConsentNext, you must provide contact information that will be made available with the market listing. This is for users to contact you. Each app can have different information here so you can organize feedback and support requests by the app.

Publish App to the Android Market

1.8 Activating the APKOnce this form is done, save it (button in the upper right corner). Before you can publish, at least one APK must be active. Switch over to the APK files tab.1.9 Publishing your appNow that all of the fields are filled out, all of the images uploaded, and the APK is activated… you can publish your app.Yes, it’s very fast. After a minute or so, you’ll be able to directly link to your market listing using the package name,Want to know more details? Contact Ideas2IT - The Best Custom Software Development company today!

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