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What Employee Empowerment means @ ideas2IT

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In the aspect of trust – one could think of two kinds of organizations. The first kind that does not place trust in its employees. These organizations function by enforcing rules for everything, and disciplinary measures to ensure these rules are followed.

On the other end of the spectrum are organizations that are really employee-centric. These companies believe that people are more important than processes, and if they valued employees, the employees would value them too.

It’s the latter kind of company that empowers its employees with the power to make certain small and large decisions. Small decisions like what kind of work timings to keep, what kind of grub to give its employees and so on. Larger decisions are where you are empowered to take a few decisions on behalf of the company itself.

At ideas2IT, as an employee, you are free to decide on some high-impact matters.

  • For one, if you are passionate about a particular technology or practice – you could get your manager to reassign you to that project. Several people here have received the time and funds to work on a few pet ideas that are not billed to any client.
  • You could even jump functions here – in the recent past, there was a case where a designer found his function limiting and switched to Product Management.
  • If you have any ideas on how to make idea2IT a better place to work – you and your ideas would be welcomed with an open mind. iSmart, an initiative inspired by Toastmaster training sessions was one such idea that was recently made a reality. Another example is that of Pradeep N, a developer with ideas2IT. He believed the office could look better with a dash of live potted plants and he has already been entrusted with the project.
  • If you believe strongly for a social cause or a business idea and you have a plan – you could present it to the management and avail a grant. Parameswaran L was one of the several employees who has been awarded a grant. He recently inaugurated his fresh fruits and salads counter in the office itself.
  • Why…you could even arrange for tech meetups in the office on weekends and for this – you would be considered a hero 🙂

These are just a few examples of how ideas2IT empowers its employees. “A good employer organization is one that helps its employees achieve their full potential. If the wisdom of a crowd helps accomplish this better than the wisdom of an individual…so be it.” quipped Murali Vivekanandan, Technologist, Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of ideas2IT Technology.