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What is Snowflake Data Cloud?

Credit: Kampus ProductionIf your business is searching for a comprehensive data management solution, chances are you’ve heard of the Snowflake Data Platform.Before talking about Snowflake Data Cloud, it’s important to understand what data warehouses and data lakes are. These types of storage have different functionalities, and most businesses use both types.

What Is a Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse simply means a system for managing huge amounts of data, known as big data. Businesses endlessly collect data, but it is of little use if it’s not easily accessible and searchable. A data warehouse stores many diverse forms of data, and consolidates all this data into a readable form. This consistent data integration also enables users to search and analyze that data.Being able to analyze infinite amounts of data makes the collected data highly usable and, therefore, valuable. Data warehouse users perform statistical analysis to gain insight into customer behavior, purchasing patterns, business activities and more. Companies can then use the insights derived from these virtual warehouses to improve their business strategy and create highly targeted products and services.

What is a Data Lake?

A data lake refers to a large collection of raw data. It can include structured and unstructured data. Data lakes import vast amounts of data in its original form from many different sources.Users are still able to query a data lake, but it does not provide the structured organization of a data warehouse. The large quantity of raw data can make specific data challenging to find, resulting in a “data swamp.” As such, this type of data storage is generally lower cost than data warehouse storage.

Where Does the Data Come From?

The raw data comes from multiple sources, such as transactional systems and operational systems. As it moves along the data pipeline, it is transformed into a usable state.Data warehouses store such data as raw data, metadata and summary data in a central location. Users can then analyze, report on, and mine this valuable data.

Why Does a Business Need a Data Warehouse?

Data is one of the most valuable commodities you have at your disposal to grow your business. It is essential to have a data management system in place to make practical use of that data. It should be easy to find the data you need, and straightforward to access it.

Reduce Errors With a Standard Format

Data warehouses apply the same format to every type of data they store. This function makes it quick and easy to access data sets. It also enables data consumers to more easily view and analyze the information without making errors.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

Being able to conveniently review all your collected data through data warehousing means that you have a wealth of information to drive your business strategy. For example, you can discover new ways to target your marketing by looking at how and when customers are purchasing.

Remove Strategies That Aren’t Working

By harnessing the power of data science, you can discover which tactics have worked for your business in the past and which ones have failed. You can use this information to decrease funding for initiatives that have not been profitable, reducing overall cost.

How is the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse Distinct From Other Data Warehouses?

Now that we’ve explored the concept of a data warehouse, what makes Snowflake Data Cloud different? The Snowflake cloud includes all the functionality of a data warehouse, but with higher performance and better affordability through cloud computing. It is designed to manage every part of cloud-based data storage and analysis.

Cut Costs With an All-in-One Solution

Snowflake is a complete platform-as-a-service. Snowflake Cloud Services offer solutions for all your data needs, so your business can avoid the expense and hassle of using multiple different providers. The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform includes:

  • Full data warehouse
  • Data lake
  • Data sharing
  • Data marketplace

The Snowflake Data platform also integrates with systems for:

  • Data engineering
  • Data application development
  • Data science
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • ML (Machine Learning)

Want to See What Snowflake Is Capable Of?

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Gain More Responsivity and Adaptability

Unlike other data warehouses, the Snowflake Data Warehouse physically separates storage, compute and services. This separation enables each of these systems to work independently of each other, making them more responsive and easy to use.

Save Time and Reduce Hassle

The Snowflake data warehousing platform is designed to manage all aspects of your data.

  • Infrastructure
  • Optimization
  • Data protection
  • Availability

Since the Snowflake warehouse handles all these functions automatically, you don’t have to waste time endlessly managing vast amounts of data sets. Snowflake’s computing resources save you the time and headache of taming overwhelming quantities of data.

What Types of Data Does Snowflake Support?

The Snowflake database supports most types of SQL data. Snowflake data types include:

  • Numeric
  • String and Binary
  • Logical
  • Date and Time
  • Semi-structured
  • Geospatial
  • Unsupported
Data Cloud Snowflake

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Is Snowflake Good for Multiple Users?

Gone are the days of data silos, when raw data was isolated and only accessible by one department or group. Snowflake is ideal for businesses which have many different users accessing their cloud data warehouse.Snowflake enables users to perform real time data sharing. Snowflake data sharing is highly secure and convenient. Using the Snowflake data share function, you can share these Snowflake DB objects:

  • Tables
  • External tables
  • Secure views
  • Secure materialized views
  • Secure UDFs

Snowflake has best-in-class cyber protections, so Snowflake customers never have to worry about the security of data.

How Do I Upgrade to the Snowflake Cloud?

Although managing your data may seem complicated, a trained Snowflake Cloud Services professional can make the process simple.Ideas2IT is a custom software development company that offers digital solutions, using emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Native, IIoT and more. We provide tailor-made solutions for each of our clients’ unique needs. We begin with ideas and turn them into realities.Ideas2IT partners with the Snowflake Cloud in order to meet all your data warehouse needs. Our highly trained data engineers and business managers can help you make the switch to the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform.Our tri-shore model enables Ideas2IT to maintain a round-the-clock production cycle, so your project can be completed rapidly. Contact us today to discover how we can modernize your software and boost your ROI.

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