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Why Germany is Synonymous with Quality?

Until 1850, the leaders in industrial development included only the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium. But the early 1830s and 1840s witnessed Germany taking its first steps towards becoming an industrial country. Germany initiated its textile industry in 1834, closely followed by the railroad revolution in the 1840s. This created new markets for local products, middlemen to handle distribution, and increased demand for engineers, architects, and skilled machinists and stimulated investments in coal and iron.By 1900, Germany had the largest economy in Europe and held the pole position in several key sectors. The ‘Made in Germany’ tag was there to stay through the following decades and heralded a future that held Germany in high regard for product design, technology advancements, engineering, and most importantly quality.

Ideas2IT would fit perfectly in Germany

In this blog, we have explored a few factors that contribute to Germany being an industrial superpower known for the quality of its products, both in the past and present.

  • Education System: Germany follows an apprenticeship-based education system that has the reputation of producing highly-skilled designers, engineers and machinists.Steel Availability: With the German Steel Federation formed in 1874, Germany was one of the first industrialized countries to have unhindered access to vast amounts of high-quality steel, which led to the development of precision machine tools and high-quality metal goods.Deutscher Werkbund: The Deutscher Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen) is a German association of artists, architects, designers, and industrialists, established in 1907. Its initial purpose was to establish a partnership of product manufacturers with design professionals to improve the competitiveness of German companies in global markets. The Werkbund was a state-sponsored effort to put Germany on a competitive footing with England and the United States.Economic Structure: The German economy is structured in a manner that is suited to produce high-quality goods and competes in the premium segment, as opposed to its Asian counterparts that dominate price-sensitive segments.Trained & Well-Paid Workforce: Germany is a high-wage country and employs a highly trained workforce. Hence, it must specialize in higher-end products and focus on quality.A Strong Work-Ethic & Perfectionist Mindset: The desire to manufacture and sell ‘perfect products’ makes reputation-conscious German companies follow strict regulations and extensively test their products before they are exported to other markets.

Why is Ideas2IT a perfect fit for Germany?

We have always followed ‘Made in Germany’ standards tooFounded by an ex-Googler, Ideas2IT is a high-end product engineering partner. We've produced top-quality applications for 100+ clients like Microsoft, Oracle, Ericsson, and Opportun. From one-person startups to Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, and nonprofits, you've probably experienced our technology at its best.Speaking fluent German is just one of the great things we doYou will be more impressed with our capabilities in Frontend-Backend-Fullstack Development, Cloud-based SaaS, Data Platforms and Visualization, Robotic Process Automation, and IIoT.

We understand your culture

At Ideas2IT we understand cultural differences impact interactions, communication, interpretation, understanding, productivity, comfort and commitment. By following a flat organizational structure and deploying culturally compatible resources, we balance the cross-country cultural differences.

Ideas2IT fit perfectly in Germany qulaity

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